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Discussion – Cosplaying: An Art that Lacks Freedom

Mahou Tofu


If you are visiting our site, then you probably have no issue with cosplaying. In fact, I suspect that you either enjoy it or you want to try it out in the near future. I appreciate cosplay myself and I would like to pull one off at the next Fanime Con. Unfortunately, something that should be fun is full of a lot of unwarranted judgement. The general populace definitely sees cosplayers as a bunch of freaks. I use these harsh terms because convention goers know what can happen once you leave the convention floor to grab food or swing by your hotel. “The crazy people are back in town.” That is something that you can hear more often than you should. What is even worse? The convention floor itself isn’t even a safe haven for cosplayers. People are subject to ridicule if they happen to not fit the body…

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Enjoy earth-conscious treats and whimsical animal doughnuts at Japan’s “nature doughnut” shop


Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 3.16.58 AMFloresta isn’t as well known as the big chain stores in Japan like Mister Donut or Krispy Kreme, but their “nature doughnuts” deserve all the attention they can get. As a company, Floresta strives to provide customers with healthy, yet satisfying snacks, using organic local ingredients with no additives or preservatives. They are also careful to reduce waste that can have a negative impact on the environment. You would think a healthy doughnut might taste like cardboard, but Floresta manages to serve up delicious rings of environmentally friendly goodness. They also make animal doughnuts that will make you want to buy out the store.

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Naruto and Obito’s Dream! Rin Watches Over – Naruto 653

Daily Anime Art


Naruto 653 shows a Obito which we’ve never seen before, Obito seems to be going through a lot of feelings to which we see Obito notice that Rin will always be watching over him, to which he’ll than become a great Hokage. Naruto keeps on talking to him mentioning that he wants him to stop running and come back, to which he can pay for his crimes. Furthermore, they’re waiting for him to come to their side. Naruto extends his hand to deal on stopping this battle.

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Ichigo Goes To War! Bambietta’s Vollstandig – Bleach 555

Daily Anime Art


Bleach 555, a number which is always great to see. Ichigo gets all ready after all his training. We see his new, calm and confident form to which his larger blade goes behind him while the smaller on his right leg. After finding out the Invasion began three hours ago, he runs out and quickly goes there. Bambietta’s Vollstandig enables and quickly strikes Shinji, to which it seems like he got quite the hit. Her subordinate’s Vollstandig also gets activated. When will Ichigo arrive, it should be soon! 

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Adorable miniature doughnuts from Mister Donut Japan!


Mini mister donuts

Look at those little guys! They’re so small, you have to carry them all together in a bucket!

If you’re looking for a miniature treat, look no further than Mister Donut’s winter offering of bite-sized doughnuts. With six new flavors and three shareable container sizes, they’re perfect for snacking with friends and family while snuggling up under the kotatsu…or eat them all yourself, we won’t judge.

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Yogurt drink explodes, leaves man with bruising, internal bleeding and possible loss of eyesight



Yogurt is a fairly healthy food, we’d say. A lot of what you buy at the store might have bit too much sugar in it, but at least it’s not a candy bar, right? And yogurt drinks seem equally healthy in our estimation. Again, it’s got to be better than having a Mega Gulp Mountain Dew.

Unless…your yogurt drink explodes and nearly breaks your face, that is.

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Bijuu’s Chakra Tug-of-War! Obito’s Regret – Naruto 652

Daily Anime Art


Naruto 652 begins a long journey by which Naruto and the others play a tug-of-war with the Bijuu’s Chakra. After Naruto and Sasuke’s attack, they were able to pull the chakra out of Obito allowing them to leave him with no power except just being a shell. Naruto seems to have also remembered Obito’s memories in which it somehow allows for Obito regret his decisions on what he’s been doing. Naruto states that he wants to remove Obito’s mask of lies and bring him back to the good side.

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Denny’s Japan to serve up burgers with added microorganisms… for your health!


It would appear that Japan is getting more and more firmly entrenched in the euglena craze. These little algae (particularly those from Ishigaki Island) have been determined to pack a nutritious punch carrying around 59 different kinds of nutrients from vitamins and minerals to amino acids.

We recently sampled these little guys in a cup of delicious yogurt, which was creepy at first but not a big leap since yogurt is all bacteria-y anyway. But would the public also go for these little microorganisms being added to a patty of grilled red meat? American diner chain Denny’s is wagering “yes” with their euglena hamburgs only available in Japan from the end of this month.

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Internet reacts to attractive otaku: “Hot guys should be banned from watching anime”


animate ikemen 01

Meet Yuya Uchida, part-time employee at Animate, a Japanese chain of large-scale stores that carry a full range of anime and manga-related merchandise. Lately, Yuya has been getting a lot of attention from the Internet and other media for his surprisingly good looks! This anime-loving ikemen (hot guy) is breaking the otaku mold and capturing the hearts of women across the nation. Can a guy be allowed to keep his nerd cred when he happens to be such a looker?

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This adorable hopping hairball will steal your heart



Would you believe that at the center of this massive hairball is a little life form?

I promise you it’s not a tribble or some other alien creature, so put away the laser guns and take a closer look! There’s a tiny nose and mouth peeking through that impressive amount of fluff, and it belongs to one of an adorable breed of ultra-soft bunnies.

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