Top tub tips and tattoo taboos at Japanese baths



There is nothing quite as relaxing as slipping into the warm water at a Japanese hot spring. But as you get ready for tub time, you should be aware of the finer points of public bathing in Japan. Besides leaving your rubber ducky at home, we have compiled a list of key bath tips to ensure the best soak of your life without having to hear someone nag about the “lack of proper bathing manners these days.”

And since one of the more frustrating points of the Japanese bathing experience is a blanket ban on tattoos, we will also provide some context on why exactly your tribal sign tramp stamp is so unwelcome.

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Malaysian food artist Samantha Lee serves up more platefuls of amazeballs


Imagine if your mom made you meals that became famous all over the world… you’d probably belong to the Clean Plate Club, right?

Malaysian food artist and mother of two Samantha Lee began by making Japanese lunch boxes (bento) in 2008 to encourage her elder daughter to eat independently. Bento boxes may be stylishly arranged and decorated to look like popular movie, TV or video game characters (kyaraben) or people, animals or buildings (oekakiben). There is some amazing bento art out there, but soon Lee was taking it to a new level on a daily basis.

Despite her lack of formal training, Lee’s creativity found an outlet in the incredibly detailed, cute and nutritious meals she painstakingly put together for her two girls, using only run-of-the-mill household tools like scissors and knives. She describes herself as “an ordinary, regular and average mom, crazy about…

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Attack on Titan 3D Maneuver Gear on Display

Daily Anime Art

Attack on Titan’s 3D Maneuver Gear has grown very popular, to being used in the manga and anime, it has inspired many to create their own for their own use or to show off when wearing their own character-inspired cosplay. They’ve done an awesome job, however these images are 1/1 scales of the prototypes. They’re being set on the 60th floor of Tokyo’s Ikeburuno Sunshine shopping centre for Attack on Titan from Friday onwards. Aside from these, there are photo areas which contain screenshots from anime’s.  The final product for the 3D Maneuver Gear is scheduled to go on sale next year. Continue on reading to see all the merchandise and images.

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The Titan’s Child – Shingeki No Kyojin: Before The Fall 1 (Thoughts)

Daily Anime Art

Attack on Titan: Before The Fall chapter 1, it begins around 70 years ago before the fall of Wall Maria. These times include those by which mankind had no clue to how they can fight the Titan’s. The chapter begins with a pregnant woman who see’s her dead husbands head fall down from the sky. Out of nowhere, Titan’s invade and seem to have killed everyone. Two Scouting Legion soldiers arrive too late and notice how they’ve all been killed. Noticing that the pregnant woman’s baby is moving, the soldier cuts open the woman to reveal and normal baby. 13 Years later, he’s grown up but seems to be locked up. 

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Photographer captures the beauty of traditional Japanese gardens at the Katsura Imperial Villa 【Photos】



When it comes to traditional Japanese landscaping and architecture, the Katsura Imperial Villa (aka Katsura Rikyu) is often referred to as a paramount example of Japanese sophistication and refinement. Located in Kyoto, a city famous for its temples, shrines, and gardens, the unquestionable majesty of the Katsura Imperial Villa manages to wow not only the proud people of Japan but architects and aficionados from across the globe.

One might assume that beauty of this sort can only be appreciated in person, but in 2010 Yasuhiro Ishimoto, a well-recognized photographer and “Man of Cultural Distinction” as designated by the Japanese government, released a photo book which somehow captures both the beauty and the spirit of the space. You’ve got to see to believe the masterpiece that this man captured on film.

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A teaspoon of wasabi a day helps keep old age at bay


Wasabi, the Japanese condiment which offers a delicious kick to the nasal passages with every bite, has long been embraced in Japan, and more recently other parts of the world. However, aside from accentuating sushi or playing jokes on friends, the pungent plant has been found to provide anti-aging effects in recent years.

For those who turn up their noses at the thought of a daily dose of wasabi, you may reconsider when you realize how easy it is to benefit from the sulfinyl found in it. That’s right: it keeps you pretty for longer!

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hamburger charms!

Wear your love of Madoka Magica to work with these discreetly nerdy neckties


madoka tie03

Being an anime fan in a Japanese business environment can be rough. Due to the terrible stigmas still surrounding otaku, being open about one’s two-dimensional interests can sometimes lead to discrimination in the workplace. Luckily, for those hard-working anime lovers who wish to wear a symbol of the series that they adore without attracting unwanted attention from their office peers, Cospa has a new line of anime-themed neckties, which capture one’s true otaku spirit while putting up a professional front.

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Log Horizon Episode 01 Review

EternalSkies' Reviews

The start of Log Horizon started relatively decently with an interesting battle scene before switching to a slightly less active scene set prior the battle. It gives the viewer a few details about the overall setting but still keeps a lot of mystery about why the players are now trapped inside the virtual world.

The characters are definitely unique, each of them having slight quirks which make them both interesting and irritating at the same time. Naotsugu acts as the ‘tank’ character but his pervertedness is a bit of a nuisance in how open he is about it. Akatsuki is my favourite character so far, a female assassin who was originally playing as a male character much to Shiro and Naotsugu’s surprise. The fact that these are online characters leaves a hint of uncertainty about what the real players look like.

I’m not sure what to think of the plot…

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Unbreakable Machine-Doll Episode 01 Review

EternalSkies' Reviews

Initially I thought this might be similar to Angelic Layer or Rozen Maiden but I was quite off the mark with my presumptions. Whilst the art and animation aren’t as detailed and crisp as other shows in the season this simplistic art style really brings out the beauty in the characters and their settings.

Story wise it’s clear where this anime is going as the main character Raishin is out for revenge. It isn’t clear who he’s out for revenge on and why but this is enough incentive to progress through the plot. Yaya, his ‘tool’ and puppet, is a very amusing character who is obviously besotted with Raishin, enough to get him into trouble by saying that she’s his wife. The battles look to be exciting with a wide range of puppets abound which should lead to some interesting fights in the future. Overall, a great starting episode for…

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